Mark writes:

Dear Dr KAV,

You attributed the science of HIV listener pick to me in episode 475. I can’t take credit for this. Maybe you mixed up emails?

Anthony writes:

Thank you for reading this on TWiV 475.

Dr. Henderson noted that — at a time when both the Soviet Union and the United States were openly preparing for the possibility of destroying each other — he worked with Soviet public health officials to effect the eradication of smallpox.

How can one explain in today’s environment of emerging disease — and when Cuba poses not even a semblance of a threat — that US scientists will be restricted from travelling there? ¬†Government employees must respect the whims of a fool. ¬†The winds and the tides will not.


Gretchen writes:

Dear TWiV,

I recently visited the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and encountered an exhibit there that I thought you all would like to know about.


Gretchen K.