Terri writes:

Hi Dr. Griffin,

I started listening to you all early in the pandemic. I love the podcast. Thanks so much for doing this.

I got Covid for the first time on May 1st. I was at my daughter’s college graduation. I had fever and body aches for three days. I was able to get Paxlovid and took that starting on day four.

On May 22nd I noticed a rash under my left breast. As of today, May 27 the rash has spread both breasts almost down to my belly button and now I have patches showing up on one shoulder and my neck. Just wondering if this might be related to my Covid case?  If you’ve seen this, just wondering how you might have treated it. I leave for Paris for three weeks on Wednesday. I’m headed to the 24 hours of Le Mans.  



Mindy writes:

Hi, Vincent and Daniel,

I’m a healthy 40 year old woman who just had anaphylaxis for the first time to my only allergy—mosquito bites! The only significant health change since my last bite last year was my first ever case of COVID this winter (it was a doozy—the sickest I have ever been). I’ve also had new mild allergic rhinitis since having COVID.

I’m starting to read about the increased risk of allergy post-COVID and post-COVID mast cell activation. What is the current consensus on how COVID may have escalated my mosquito allergy from a vigorous local reaction to anaphylaxis? Does the COVID factor inform testing or treatment options?

I have an upcoming appointment with an allergist, and I want to come armed with any relevant information. Having a severe reaction to a common exposure has me spooked!

Thanks so much for considering my letter, and for producing such informative and helpful shows.



Cathy writes:

Hi, I’m a 60 year old biomedical scientist living in the UK. I have not had Covid to date and have deliberately done my utmost to avoid it due to a 30 years history of relapsing/remitting ME/CFS.

I’ve had 4 Covid vaccines: 2 x AstraZeneca, 1 x Moderna and 1 x Pfizer bivalent BA. 1. My last vaccine was in October 2022. Unfortunately I am one of the rare individuals who suffered cardiac inflammation after mRNA shots. I am considering buying a Novavax booster privately but am aware that myocarditis and pericarditis are rare side effects of this vaccine also.

If a person has suffered cardiac inflammation after an mRNA shot, is Novavax likely to also be a cardiac risk? I wondered if there are data on this issue and specific individual susceptibility to cardiac inflammation after Covid vaccines?


Best wishes


Anon writes:
Daniel and Vincent-

Thank you for reading my letter (anonymous) on the TWIV podcast last week, regarding T1D and COVID and traveling. Just wanted to give you an update:

I have Paxlovid in my hands. 🙂 

Even though my doctor said some wacky things – see list below. 

Things my doctor said:

“No one has died from COVID since 2022.” 

Told me about “Paxlovid rebound”, even though it is viral rebound.

She has told me since the beginning of Paxlovid’s existence that she can’t find it at a pharmacy. Meanwhile my local Walgreens filled the Rx within 2 hours.

After she told me all of her “facts” and I said I understand but that i still want to take Paxlovid with me to Europe, she said “well then i guess I am prescribing it for your mental health.” I had mentioned I was anxious traveling to Europe, knowing Paxlovid isn’t as readily available there as in the US, but why would you say that to someone? ugh

I have a PhD in epidemiology, but i knew I couldn’t argue the science with her during my visit, or she might not have helped me, so I will send her some studies later, lol.

What do you think? Time to find a new doctor? lol