Deron writes:
Dear Daniel,

In your latest video you said the CDC is going to allow a springtime covid booster for people 65 and older. But what about immunocompromised people? Does the data that supports this for people 65 and older not support it for immunocompromised people?

Thanks to you and Vincent and the whole TWIV team for all you do to keep us safe.


Daniel writes:

Hello Dr. Griffin:

The ending of the five day quarantine for most seems reasonable for almost all especially since so few are following the guidelines in the first place.  

I am concerned, however, about certain health care workers returning to work while still infectious.  I would hate to have an anesthesiologist intubate me while he/she were infected with covid.  So my question is:  Shouldn’t certain health care workers wait an extended period of time before returning to work or at least before performing certain procedures.  I would appreciate your thoughts.  Thank you.

Daniel D. Crummett M.D.  

retired and a loyal listener of TWIV

Sharla writes:

Hello Vincent and Dr Griffin

We love your weekly virus updates! Thank you so much for sharing important information that’s trustworthy. It seems hard to find these days.

I’d appreciate your opinion on this study done in British Columbia, it is the basis for very limited access to Paxlovid here (2nd link). Under these rules, my family member who is 68, diabetic, asthmatic with high bp and morbid obesity was told he does not qualify for Paxlovid.

My question is what is shown to be more effective at keeping vulnerable people out of the hospital, Paxlovid, or a booster shot? If my elderly family members were to refuse a booster shot for over a year, then they would qualify for Paxlovid. I really worry about my mid-70s parents who have not had Covid yet.

Would love to hear what you think. Thank you!

Sharla in BC 

Bob writes:

Dr. Griffin:

I need to convince my PCP to prescribe Paxlovid for me to take with me while traveling so I can begin to take it immediately if I test positive for COVID.

What are the best resources to persuade him that it is both legal (i.e., within the licensed use) and recommended for me to get a supply on hand before testing positive?

If I fail to persuade him, will a pharmacy sell me Paxlovid it I show them a positive test, or do I have to have a prescription.  Or might a pharmacy based urgent clinic give me a prescription if I show them a positive test? Or test me on the spot?