Suellen writes:

As the owner of several horses, I would like to take issue with Angela’s rather insulting words about horses.

I’d like to, but . . . I can’t.

Everything she said is basically true. And what you, Vincent, said about how horses would have gone extinct if humans had not stepped in to take care of them . . .

well, that’s true too, I’m afraid.

I love it when you guys get totally off track talking about non-virology things, such as pigs, horses, etc. Always fun, always a good time (as Rich likes to say).

Please tell Angela that I have taken the pledge, and will stop eating pig products. And she’s absolutely spot on correct about all the ways in which horses are an evolutionary nightmare.

Best to all — still loving the podcast!


Your monthly supporter from Roswell, GA, where we’ve gone from a high of 20 degrees F on Monday to a high of 60 yesterday. Headed to 70 later in the week!

Amanda writes:


I recently listened to episode 1081 that included  Angela’s concerns about pig farming and the welfare of pigs given their intelligence and awareness of their surroundings (describing how she witnessed the terrified look in their eyes definitely struck a cord and gives me more motivation to reduce my bacon consumption!!).

I thought I would pass along a photo and some links that will hopefully warm your heart thanks to one pig in particular. My dog and I used to volunteer with the S.F. SPCA in their Pet Therapy program and  one of our pet therapy co-volunteers was Lilou the Pig! Lilou is the “world’s first airport therapy pig” and when she’s on duty she struts around the terminals of San Francisco Airport bringing joy and excitement to weary and stressed out travelers. Lilou and her human have also done a lot of work to educate the public about how intelligent pigs are and advocate for their humane treatment.

Dan writes:

Hello my favourite podcasters, 

I have been listening to your show since before the pandemic and during the pandemic, I listened to it all the time as I was not allowed visitors and I will continue for a long time. I live in the UK and I would like to know how much it would cost to build a BSL 3 or 4. I know I would need a PCR which we could buy brand new or second-hand which is Brianne’s favourite topic. We would also need two good virologists, they could check all the patients and staff for variants of SARS 2 Cov-19 as well as the flu and the common cold which would keep them busy. I have spoken to the directors, they are interested. 

I have written a poem for people who have not been vaccinated: 

The Bell Tolls

Get the vaccine into your arm,
Don’t worry it will do you no harm.
Don’t be a selfish nit-wit,
Think of others that can’t have it.
Be wary of internet bots and trolls,
And be mindful for whom the bell tolls.
Because it tolls not for me,
But instead it tolls for thee.

Thanks, Dan

Since my cardiac arrest I have an uncanny ability to remember entire dreams. They are extremely vivid and often quite amusing. The earlier ones are usually hallucinations.

I have made a blog which I urge you to sign up for, as the more subscribers the higher the ranking will be. The address is http:/    

Linda writes:

Greetings TWIV, enjoying your show very much.

Wanted to clarify that HPV vaccine is for both girls & boys.

You only mentioned girls in your discussion.

Thank you for all you do!

Linda Rasmussen RN OCN

Charles writes:

Hello TWiVers;

Dr. Michael Mann won a defamation lawsuit against climate change deniers:

Too bad it was not a win against politicians.  I hope it stands. 



Caroline writes:

If a solid organ transplant patient has an indoor cat, and both of them have been tested negative for the virus, what are the chances of transmission?