JoAnn writes:

Dear Dr.Griffin,

I’ve been listening to your podcast since the beginning of the pandemic and am a big fan of yours.

I’m writing because I have a question about the boosters. I have had each vaccine that has been offered (6 or 7, can’t remember) but I am up to date. I had my last shot in October 2023 and would like to get another at the end of January which would be 4 months out. I’m 78 years old with COPD, Diabetes, heart disease, etc. I have not had covid thank goodness and I’m hoping not to contract it. I mask indoors (theatre, airplane,). My thought is that I would like to keep my immune system primed as much as possible, what do you think of my plan.

Thanking you in advance,


Ellen writes:

Dear Daniel,

A friend of mine, who completed the initial series of three vaccinations, has contracted covid five times, twice in the past 90 days. How is this possible? In the meantime, her partner with whom she shares a bed has never had it. She took Paxlovid once in the past and claims it made her feel worse. She also lost her hair during a previous infection; occasional numbness on the left side of her face and ongoing pain in her right calf. This time her doctor recommended she go to Urgent Care for a covid vaccination, despite her debilitating fatigue and headache, was this good advice?

Lori writes:

Dr. Griffin:

Thanks for all of the great information you provide. I wrote to you a few days ago about my sister’s difficulty in getting Paxlovid from her pharmacy within the 5-day window after a positive Covid test. As it turns out, she needed to fill out an application with Paxcess since the price of the drug has increased significantly. Pfizer evidently subsidizes the cost for eligible patients. So she was able to get the prescription on the 5th day after her symptoms began. But if she hadn’t pursued this with the pharmacy, she wouldn’t have known that and would have missed that window. She didn’t have to pay anything for the prescription. Hopefully others may benefit from this information. Thanks again!


Kathleen writes:
Hi Daniel,

I am a hairstylist in Dallas, TX. I have been listening in on TWIV since 2020. To say it simply, I am a big fan. 

A friend of mine recently tested positive for Covid on December 20, 2023. She cleared her infection. And yes! She did get to take Paxlovid. 👌🏼

Today is January 11 and she has tested positive again! 

This is the fastest reinfection I have ever thought possible. 

I know you can have multiple infections; however, it seems to me this immediate reinfection may indicate no short period of relief immediately after an infection anymore. ?.?.?

I am not a scientist. But I do have a large load in the common sense department. lol 

Covid continues to keep my attention and my concern. 

Thank you for the reliable truth. 


Susan sent: