Barb writes:

Would you provide the studies you’re referring to for six day course of dexamethasone for hypoxic inpatient? Our guidelines still specify 10 days.

Thank you! And I appreciate your podcast!

Barb Creighton, MD


J writes:

Hi Dr. Griffin,

We’re currently undergoing rabies PEP in my family, which led me to do some searching online about how long we’ll have protection. From what I found, it sounds like rabies PrEP affords very long-lasting protection while rabies PEP may provide protection for only 6-24 months. As PrEP is 2 shots (maybe a booster after 3 months for increased durability) and PEP is 4 shots plus the immune globulin, I would love it if you would explain the immunology behind the lower durability of the PEP regimen. The only thing I can think of is that the ig interferes with the full response?

best wishes,


PS: Lest I leave the wrong impression, we will move forward following the CDC recommendations for post-exposure (another two shots) should we have another encounter; I’m just curious about the immunology underlying the interventions.  

Charles writes:

Dr. Dan

    Thank you so much for all the helpful information over these last few years amid all the noise and distortions  surrounding Covid. My wife and I have been following you and Vincent almost from the start of your shows. 

My question:

    I am 71 years old. I have had all Covid vaccinations, (Moderna), except for the last bi-valent one. I had Covid in February of 2023. Mild and symptoms for about a week.  I had AFIB in 2018 that was treated with an ablation. About 8 months after I was ablated it was discovered that I had  multiple pulmonary embolisms in both left and right lung areas. Some were old and some were newer. I was put on Xarelto and told I will be on it for for life. A recent echocardiogram shows I have moderate mitral, bi-cuspid and tri-cuspid valve regurgitation. I’ve read that Covid can exacerbate this condition. I’ve also read that the vaccine can also impact the heart but not as frequently as Covid does.

Since the vaccine appears to provide a diminishing protection against infection while not adding any additional benefit to T Cell function I wonder if I should get the next round of Covid vaccinations.

Thanks again for all the great information.

Don writes:

As an old (Vincent’s age) country doc in Kansas I was intrigued by stumbling onto a PBS special concerning Epipharyngeal Abrasive Therapy.  A short internet search indicates there are some who feel it not only may be a viable adjunctive treatment for long covid but multiple other maladies that are not well understood.  Since you are one who seems to evaluate literature with more than average astuteness I would love to hear your opinion.  As a function of having “been around for a while” in medicine I predict we will see an amazing amount of epipharyngitis in many patients we scope, which would leave us with a conundrum on whom to treat and how aggressively.

Your thoughts!

Don Hodson, M.D.

Marion, KS