Kathy writes:

Hi Daniel,

Paxlovid prophylactic Rx.

I wrote to my U-M doc, who I talked to in person in May, before the FDA approval. For my upcoming trip to Croatia (Sept 13-Oct 1), I was hoping to get a Rx to take along.

Here’s what he wrote back.  Is this your experience too?

” I checked with our pharmacy and infectious disease teams. Unfortunately, even though paxlovid is FDA approved, it can still only be written for treatment of active covid, and can’t be given for prophylaxis to bring abroad for travel. Seems silly to me, but unfortunately our hands are still tied.”



Marianne writes:

Hi Dr. Griffin,

What is the “bell curve” perhaps, which you see, for severe RSV infections in the 60+ population?

I am generally wary of a new vaccine for a few years, until more data is collected about adverse events. The exception was the COVID vaccines/boosters.

I am a bit concerned about the new RSV vaccines for adults because Pfizer, without an emergency status had about 36k in their stage three clinical trial with about 2.4% severe reactions, vs GSK having about 24k in their study with about a 4% severe reaction. GSK used an adjuvant, which seemed to give them higher efficacy, while Pfizer did not. This is just my brief summary without the benefit of a PhD or MD education.

I believe both studies were done over 6 months. I will continue with my flu and COVID booster vaccines and I think I will wait a bit longer to learn more about the RSV vaccine, before getting an injection. I do wear an N95 mask indoors in public places.

I would appreciate your feedback. Thank you for all you do to keep us informed!

With great respect,


Janie writes:

Dear Dr Griffin,

I listen to you and Vincent on Twiv regularly. Thanks for the work you both do. I’m forever grateful. 

I don’t recall that you recommended paxlovid for teenagers/young adults since they generally fair very well with COVID especially having been vaccinated. My son received 2 doses 1st generation Pfizer vaccine when he was 12ish. He’s now 14. My daughter had 3 doses of 1st generation Pfizer. School just started and they are finally done with masks :(( Should I put them on paxlovid if they get COVID? We have a family member with long COVID and I am very concerned with Dr Eric Topol’s finding. 

Appreciate your advice. 



Lesa writes:

I was positive for Covid on August 30, will begin Paxlovid today.  My Mom lives with me – she is 88 years old and has Bronchiectasis.  Of course my fear is that I have passed this to her before I began feeling ill.  Would you play it out for me if she tests positive?  My husband, my Mom and I have all been vaccinated and boosted as many times as we could. She would go straight to the ER?  Once there NO steroids for at least a week and would I ask for monoclonals or Paxlovid for her? What else should I be asking for her if she tests positive.  Prayers that she does not.