Sharon writes:

When someone gets the pneumonia vaccine shot, can it help with the severity of Covid pneumonia…if you should get that during a bout with COVID 19?

Portia writes:

Hi, Daniel and Vincent,

As a long time listener to TWiV and clinical updates,  this time I have a question for Daniel about Paxlovid,

When I caught COVID in January it was not an issue to get mine since I am over 65, but just last week my almost 2 year old grandson and my son and daughter-in-law also got COVID (and Flu B at the same time), I suppose because of their ages, no Paxlovid was available to them. My grandson was only getting Tamiflu and Tylenol.

My question is why not? Is there a reason NOT to take it if you are a healthy young adult or child before getting COVID? Do you think the recommendation will change over time?

Thanks for all you do.

Portia from California, where we have been lucky to not get the crazy hot summer temperatures so far.

Susan writes:

I’m a 74 year old woman on cellcept for interstitial lung disease caused by antisynthetase syndrome. I’ve been pretty stable for years and have had every Covid vaccine available as well as Evusheld.  I have not gotten Covid because I take every precaution. I am planning a week in Paris in October. A life long dream.  When there I would mask inside. I keep waiting for it to be safer to go but at 74 there’s not that many years left.  On the other hand, with an uptick in cases, I don’t want to be foolish and end up losing the years left to me. Any advice, Daniel?  And thank you for your updates throughout this pandemic. It meant so much to know there was somewhere that the information on Covid was based on science.

Ellen writes:

Dear Daniel,

My grandson is 10 months old and received his first Covid vaccination In June. The family has been extraordinarily careful and no one has become infected yet. However, the 5 year-old (with 2 vaccinations and a booster) will start kindergarten in two weeks (going to school for the first time), and I’m wondering whether the 10 month-old should get his second shot before kindergarten starts, not quite 3 months after the first one, or wait for the new booster that might prove more efficacious in terms of durability and prevention of infection.

Thanks again for all you do for everyone,