David writes:

Do you have an explanation of why after turning negative with COVID infection several days later antigen tests turn positive again with recurrence of symptoms and sometimes additional symptoms. If this was strictly inflammation, I would expect no change in the antigen test. When I had COVID in February, the test was as quickly positive with the return of symptoms as with the initial onset. This return of test positivity has sparked off label use of a second course of Paxlovid in some notable celebrities.


David Shulan, MD

Same question from Joe, an ER physician: Daniel did not address the recurrent positive antigen test? My colleagues and I have seen this many times. Covid tests often become negative while taking Paxlovid, only to become positive again when symptoms return after Paxlovid. We have even seen this with PCR CT values rising to >30 with Paxlovid, only to drop back into the teens when symptoms recur around day 10-14. While we know it is the delayed immune response that leads to hospitalization and death, isn’t it possible that the recurrent non-life threatening URI symptoms could be due to a combination of the immune response and recurrent viremia? I’m not advocating for another course of Paxlovid, but I do not understand how cytokines and the immune response alone could cause an antigen or PCR test to become positive? How would you explain the recurrent test positivity after completing Paxlovid if not by renewed viral replication?

Martin writes:

Hi greetings from the UK.

Several recent pre-prints, as well as at least one smart Doc / geneticist, plus one other YouTuber Doc, now worrying me (and other folk too) by saying that those who have had no Covid Infection – but received two or three mRNA shots – may well find that theirs igg1 has class-switched to igg4. (And that igg4 does not get rid of Covid, which can then stick around and get very bad).

Seems this may well make those with igg4, highly vulnerable to further Covid infections, and to long covid, too.

It may also impact such folks’ other health issues, as igg4 is a culprit in disease like cancer, by hiding cancer from igg1.

How might someone get their igg4 checked,  and can any treatment be done if this class switch has occurred? One thought was steroids, but – even if steroids knocked out any Igg4 present, wouldn’t the b cells just make more if infection occurred?

Some whispers suggesting this issue could be behind many of the globally excess deaths we hadn’t figured out yet.

Seems the issue may be worse for those who had Moderna Shots, as the issues being attributed to the amount of Spike in the vaccines, and Moderna was much higher per shot.


Richard writes:

I am a Houston surgeon who has listened to TWIV for three years and even enjoyed the barbs at the surgeons occasionally launched. Recently toured Italy with family group -7/9 contracted Covid , most recovering in a villa in Umbria (If ya gotta Isolate this was a great place). Tried hard to get Paxlovid as a tourist eventually had it sent priority Fedex (130.00) never to make it due to a ‘contamination’ form required on arrival to customs?  No pharmacies had it and if they did it would have cost 1900.00 for a course since I was not covered by the national health plan. Finally received a call back from the National infectious Disease hospital in Rome too late to make the 0-5 days recommendation. Should we consider recommending US tourists to take Paxlovid with them? It’s almost impossible to get and exorbitantly expensive.