TWiV listeners have spent their valuable time writing comments about the podcast on iTunes, and it’s a shame that most people don’t see them. I’m putting them here as a way of thanking them for their time, and for listening. This is a work-in-progress because the comments have to be typed here by hand; for some reason you can’t copy/paste them from iTunes.

Best science podcast I’ve found
by Gregory Barendt – Apr 28 2009

TWiV manages to do a great job walking a fine line that makes it interesting for someone with a medical or biological background but also accessible to the motivated lay person. In my case, TWiV has been interesting in areas I have some knowledge, very educational on topics where I don’t and always entertaining.

by kynefski – Mar 30 2009

The enthusiasm of the host and guests demonstrates why science is worth the struggle. And virology is just one of those realms that is of endless fascination to folks who are not virolgists.

Excellent podcast!
by SKuss – Apr 6 2009

My favorite podcast by far! I’m a virology student working toward my PhD and this podcast helps me stay on top of the latest virology news since my time is limited. Very interesting topics and great commentary!

by Asperaadastra – Apr 4 2009

An absolutely terrific podcast with entertaining guests, dialogue, and always-changing topic matter. This podcast is spoken at a level that is easily understood by the layperson (like myself) but will still be entertaining for those in more advanced academic studies. There is a link to an accompanying blog where you can see additional articles, and even ask questions. Additionally, there are book recommendations, articles, and referrals to other podcasts for continuing education. This is one of my favorite podcasts and I look forward to it every week.

by Pestisboy – Apr 16 2009

I find them a great general virology/microbiology resource. They tend to cover 3ish topics per episode quite nicely. A number of people think they speak with too much biojargon, but that is the nature of the science. If people want jargon, they can go read an issue of Virology at ASM. I wish they were around when I was in school.

Engaging, articulate scientists talk about the viruses we all have
by The Devonian Kid – Apr 20, 2009

The hosts and their guests, genuine authorities on the topic of virology and related sciences, will inform and entertain you at the same time. Covering a combination of current topics and important principles, they put together a podcast that will make you realize how important viruses are and how much we know and don’t know. The dialog between the  hosts is sincere and amusing as they interject, challenge one another, and occasionally get off track. Their enthusiasm for the subject comes through clearly and is, pardon the pun, infectious. No matter what your primary area of interest in life, you and your surroundings are full of viruses, so be sure to give this podcast a try.

Great podcast
by Pat in Calif – Mar 31, 2009

A fascinating subject presented by scientists who love their work. Enjoyable and educational. Now that I’ve listened to all the older TWiV podcasts, I must wait for a new one each week. Sigh. Good job, Drs. Racaniello, Despommier, and Dove (and guests)!

by Zombeeee! – Apr 10, 2009

Even when the material is over the head of this Creative Writing major, Vincent Racaniello and his colleagues present this fascinating material in an engaging way that allows one to at least get the general idea. Friendly companions for the office or on long road trips, these guys have done well making virology interesting for non-science minded folks and big-brained geniuses alike. A funny, personable, and smart podcast.

TWiV is a great podcast
by viralnerd – Apr 25, 2009

This Week in Virology is an informative and fun podcast that focuses on the viruses that primarily infect humans and animals, although viruses of plants and bacteria, viroids, and prions are occasionally discussed, too. Vincent, Dick, and Alan do a great job of providing important facts, sharing personal experiences, and speculating on current problems in virology; all mixed with an appropriate amount of humor. Each episode presents a general overview of the important viruses that are making the news that week, followed by a discussion of a particular virus in more detail, often with a guest. I have found this podcast to be highly informative and extremely entertaining. TWiV quickly became my favorite podcast and I look forward to a new episode each week.

Wonderful and informative!
by Patrick Neville – Apr 28, 2009

Great banter between the hosts and also extremely informative while still being accessible to people without any background in virology or college-level biology. They break it down and stay on topic while bringing in related cases. You can easily tell they are in love with that they do.

The Most Entertaining Podcast
by Sparkly Twig – Aug 27 2010

Who knew? I am not a scientist, but I love hearing these people talk about viruses. The banter is so friendly and funny; each virologist has a distinct personality (the snarky guy, the sweet wistful guy, the raconteur, the sincere guy), and they engage in a dialogue that is so refreshingly intelligent, it almost doesn’t matter what they are discussing. Except, of course, that viruses are so interesting! I have learned to think about the international movement of people and animals in a whole new way. The ‘detective stories’ are best. For example, did you know that ebola was eventually found to be harbored in bats? (Bet you thought it was monkeys!) If you listened to This Week in Virology, you would have found out!