TWiM 256: An mRNA vaccine against ticks

December 18, 2021

TWiM discusses antigenic variation within dengue virus serotypes, and an mRNA vaccine that induces antibodies against tick proteins and prevents transmission of the Lyme disease agent.

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Elio Schaechter, Michele Swanson, and Michael Schmidt

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2 comments on “TWiM 256: An mRNA vaccine against ticks

  1. Richard Stewart Dec 20, 2021

    It sounds like there is a missing chunk of audio at about 18:48 so the intro to your second paper is missing. Otherwise this was a very interesting and enjoyable episode. Thanks!

  2. Manuel Mar 27, 2022

    19° C and clear sky in Zürich.
    A few years ago I went for work with a few colleagues to a small city near Washington DC.. We didn’t hike or do anything similar. One of my coworkers , in his mid 30s at the time, was bitten by a tick. He spent a month in the hospital and nearly died. I recently moved to a small town closer to nature and am considering the tick vaccine available in pharmacies here.