Sophia writes:

Hello TWIM professors!

it was great to hear Dr. Schmidt on twiv (even though I didn’t catch what he said esp pertaining the virus going to the heart but this is the wrong podcast to ask this). Anyhow, this is a question for Elio (Happy Belated Birthday! by the way) and it has to do with fungal aerosol. So, fungi can be around in the air and here is what happens when you combine lockdown, heat and humidity:

now, if I remember correctly there was this story told by Vincent (on twim?) about a research lab that had gotten flooded and then there was mold on the walls but the lab kept functioning until the lab members became sick with a respiratory fungal infection and some of them died. So, how worried should we be about fungal aerosol, let’s say in the store on the link? is it safe to clean the mold up without wearing any type of mask that filters?. And why, if I remember the flood story correctly, would a non-pathogenic mould become pathogenic (or symbiotic to a dangerous degree) in your lung? another case of what repeated exposure to something can result in? I thought I would ask a wise man.

thank you for your dedication and all the best!