TWiM 214: Masterful subversion

April 3, 2020

Vincent, Elio and Michael reveal the ASM COVID-19 summit, and how Salmonella injects a protein into the cell to drive suppression of the immune response.

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Elio Schaechter, and Michael Schmidt

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2 comments on “TWiM 214: Masterful subversion

  1. Debby Depalmer Apr 7, 2020

    This virous is interesting how it Duplicates itself after it penetrates the cell hope that there will vaccines for this and medicanices for it we already know some drugs will not work I find all this interesting I have learned alot. My question is this when in venting the vaccine is there some way of putting the virus in a Specimen dish with some cells to get it to start coming apart to rebuild to Duplicate. itself in that Process when its apart to to gets its Gene’s /RNA to make a vacine?? I am hooked very interested in viruses.

  2. Rich Caloggero Apr 16, 2020

    Hi all!

    Absolutely love all of your shows.

    I have just read an article on the subject of “pyocins”, nano-sized molecular machines used by P. aeruginosa to attack rival bacteria. Might it be possible to discuss these on an upcoming TWIM?

    “This is a mechanical system that’s exquisitely tuned to couple specific recognition of a target cell with deployment of its lethal blow,” said co-corresponding author Jeff F. Miller, UCLA’s Fred Kavli Professor of NanoSystems Sciences and the director of CNSI. “Understanding how the system is constructed and how its activity is controlled could be used for building new kinds of nanomachines.”…

    2. Might it be possible to discus prions in some dtail? They were in the news a number of years ago in relation to “mad cow” disease, but have since seemingly escaped our collective consciousness.

    Thanks for all you do!

    — Rich