TWiM 198: Unexpectedly pathogenic bacteriophages

June 1, 2019

The TWiM team presents an extracellular bacterium associated with Paramecium, and induction of antiviral immunity by a bacteriophage that prevents bacterial clearance.

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Elio Schaechter, Michele Swanson and Michael Schmidt

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2 comments on “TWiM 198: Unexpectedly pathogenic bacteriophages

  1. Rich Bradley Jun 5, 2019

    “Guys, many thanks again for another thought provoking episode, especially on the role of bacteriophages. You previously covered the role of phages in the pathogenesis of Vibrio (Michael mentioned that the sea off the Carolinas was full of Cholera bacteria but not pathogenic as it did not have any phage), and phages have been implicated in Shigella and E.coli infections.
    Another fascinating angle is to what extent the pathogens are able to confuse the immune system possibly via a misdirected Th1/Th2 response. For instance Mycobacteria infection of macrophages leads to Il-10 production favouring a humoral Th2 response, not a cytotoxic attack on infected cells, and Plasmodium appear to result in polyclonal B cell activation possibly being responsible for the very poor memory response and short antibody half-life seen in malaria. I suspect this is a field we are only starting to appreciate”