Amir writes:

Hey guys, hello from sunny Israel (83F, perfect beach weather)
Thanks a lot for the podcasts, I’m really enjoying them.
I’m hearing a lot recently about the E.coli outbreak in romaine lettuce , and was wondering…
Do you know how do they trace the source and the specific bacteria?

I mean a person who gets sick suffers from “diarrhea, vomiting and severe stomach cramps, and can lead to kidney failure” this is a very general symptom of enteric diseases (from what I know), and if you take a look at the gut microbiome… there’s a good chance of finding very similar strains of E. coli in there… so how do they clinically differentiate this strain? and how do they trace it back to the specific lettuce growing area?

Thanks again for the great work both on TWiM and Small Things Considered

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Cliff writes:

Dear All:

I’m a Neuroscientist, with an inventor’s interest in both biology and technology.  So I listen with delight to both your podcasts TWIV and TWIM, and to your predecessor’s podcasts TWIT and TWIG.  

All the best,

Justin writes: