Peter writes:

Greetings TWiM Team

Thinking about the revised estimates for the number of bacterial and human cells in the body from 10:1 to about 1:1, I was wondering what the microbiome cell to self cells ratio is for different species.

I presume that it would depend on diet with herbivores  having a higher proportion of microbial cells than omnivores and that omnivores would have a higher proportion of microbial cells than  carnivores. I would guess that the smallest gut microbiome  would belong to humming birds that exist on nectar and insects.

Has the size and diversity of the microbiomes of different species ever been investigated?


Roman writes:

Dear TWIM hosts,

Love your podcast, keep it up.

Could you give me a name or link to the sound track you use? You say it’s by Ronald Jenkees, but it is still hard to find.



Intro: Remix to a Remix from his first cd, Ronald Jenkees.

Outro: Stay Crunchy from Disorganized Fun

Find them at

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