Infectious Disease Puscast #27

May 2, 2023

On episode #27 of the Infectious Disease Puscast, Daniel and Sara review the infectious disease literature for the previous two weeks, 4/13 – 4/25/23.

Hosts: Daniel Griffin and Sara Dong

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  • Prevalence, clinical severity, and seasonality of Adenovirus 40/41, Astrovirus, Sapovirus, and Rotavirus among children with moderate-to severe diarrhea (CID)
  • Antibiotic-prescribing practices for management of childhood diarrhea in 3 sub-Saharan African countries (CID)
  • Drivers of decline in diarrhea mortality (CID)
  • Breastfeeding among people with HIV in North America (CID)
  • Wearable sensor-based detection of Influenza in presymptomatic and asymptomatic individuals (JID)
  • Emergence of erythromycin-resistant invasive group a Streptococcus (EID)
  • Piperacillin-Tazobactam compared With Cefoxitin as antimicrobial prophylaxis for pancreatoduodenectomy (JAMA)
  • VE303 for prevention of recurrent Clostridioides difficile infection (JAMA)
  • Geographic patterns of antimicrobial susceptibilities for Bacteroides species worldwide (IJAA)
  • Intravenous to oral antibiotic switch therapy among patients hospitalized with community-acquired pneumonia (CID)
  • Clinical impact of syndromic molecular point-of-care testing for gastrointestinal pathogens in adults hospitalized with suspected gastroenteritis (The Lancet)
  • Treatment of pulmonary mucormycosis with adjunctive nebulized amphotericin B (Mycoses)
  • Giardia detection and codetection with other enteric pathogens in children in the vaccine impact on diarrhea in Africa (CID)
  • Feasibility of training community health workers to use smartphone-attached microscopy for point-of-care visualization of soil-transmitted helminths (AJTMH)
  • Compassionate use of bacteriophages for failed persistent infections (OFID)

Music is by Ronald Jenkees

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