Matters Microbial #5: Mothers, Microbes, and Dung Beetles

September 1, 2023

It’s interesting to think about the microbes in and on us—some of which are vital to our well being—and how we came to possess them. Mark introduces Dr. Anne Estes of Towson University, who will discuss this very topic as it applies to dung beetles.

Host: Mark O. Martin

Guest: Anne Estes

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  • Microbial fossils—stromatolites—are fascinating.  A description of Gunflint stromatolites can be found here.  
  • Rachael Webster (wonderful artist) can be found here
  • Jane Hartman’s wonderful art is found here.
  • Dr. Jack Gilbert’s book, “Dirt is Good” is described here.
  • A video about the life of dung beetles is here.  
  • Dr. Estes’ faculty website is here.
  • Dr. Estes blog can be found here. 
  • Here is an article that Dr. Estes wrote: “Brood Ball-Mediated Transmission of Microbiome Members in the Dung Beetle, Onthophagus taurus.” 

Intro music is by Reber Clark

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