TWiV 1107: Uncoating some envelopes

April 21, 2024

It has been a long time since TWiV has released an all listener email episode, and if you have been waiting for one, then this episode is for you! (and everyone else of course).

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Alan Dove, and Brianne Barker

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The New City by Dickson Despommier (blog post)

International Conference on Pandemic Preparedness

Letters read on TWiV 1107

Timestamps by Jolene. Thanks!

Weekly Picks

BrianneCats Are Perfect. An Evolutionary Biologist Explains Why
AlanBardcore music by Hildegard von Blingin’
Vincent – A quote from Georgia O’Keefe: “I think it’s so foolish for people to want to be happy. Happy is so momentary – you’re happy for an instant and then you start thinking again. Interest is the most important thing in life; happiness is temporary, but interest is continuous”. From the dailyphilosopher

Listener Picks

JuliaRecent success in troubleshooting autoclave challenges
CharmaineViruses, myelin, the evolution of complex life, and the Fermi paradox

Intro music is by Ronald Jenkees

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