ASV2017 TWiV

Below is a schedule of events and Virology Meetings for 2024. Live TWIV events at national and international meetings are included.

May 2024

15 May – Office Hours Cancelled

22 May – Office Hours Cancelled

29 May – Office Hours Cancelled

sorry for the cancellations, due to travel!

June 2024

5 June – Office Hours Cancelled

12 June – Office Hours Cancelled

19 June – Office Hours 8 pm EDT

Archived 2019 Events

29 April – 1 May European Congress of Virology, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

23 May Cold Spring Harbor Retroviruses

22 June ASM Microbe, San Francisco, CA

24 June San Diego State University

26 June CEIRS Network Meeting, Baltimore, MD

22 July ASV Annual Meeting, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

6 August Rutgers University, Cook Campus

20 August Karolinska Institute, Huddinge Campus (AM)

20 August Karolinska Institute, Northern Campus (PM)

23 August 16th Swedish Symposium of Virology, at Smögen Island

11 September Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark

13 September European Society for Clinical Virology, Copenhagen

26 September University of Nevada, Reno

15 October Georgia Tech

17-20 November 4th Giant Virus Meeting, Tegernsee, Germany