Now and then¬†we produce a TWiV that is focused on explaining basic aspects of virology. We call this series ‘Virology 101’. All the posts in this series are listed on this page with links back to the original post. If you start from the top, soon you will have a good basic understanding of virology. Repeated listening often fosters better comprehension.

For those who prefer reading, there is Virology 101 and Influenza 101 at virology blog.

If you have any questions, send them to

TWiV 39: Virus structure

TWiV 43: Virus classification

TWiV 46: Virus entry into cells

TWiV 49: Viral genomes

TWiV 60: Making viral RNA

TWiV 66: Reverse transcription

TWiV 96: Making viral DNA

TWiV 106: Making viral DNA II

TWiV 162: Transcription


TWiV 238: Lost in translation

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19 comments on “Virology 101

  1. jeromedumortier Feb 13, 2010


    I just discover your website with great Podcast about my field: virology. Because I am back in France and are still looking for a new position in virology and immunology, I appreciate your report on news in virology. I worked at OHSU in Portland OR on Human CMV as Postdoc and learn so much about host and virus interaction.
    My suggestion would be to cut your Podcast in 40 minutes but edit it each week instead each 2 weeks.
    Soon I will work at university I will suggest TWiV to my French coworker and students.
    Thank you very much
    Dr. Jerome Dumortier, in Rouen France.

  2. ericmakesthree Feb 24, 2010

    If this podcast had been around when I was at school I would have become a virologist – what a fascinating intriguing science

  3. dr.foster May 17, 2010

    Great stuff _ I was tuned into this podcast by a colleague and it is really the best science podcast I've found to date. Even though I've done work with viruses all my (admittedly short) career, listening to this just shows me how much more I still have to learn!

  4. the link to twiv 96 actually points to 97

  5. SaL Aboushoushah Apr 11, 2012

    the app in itunes is not free it is 4.99

    • loglet Sep 30, 2013

      Well it’s certainly free now in UK. the one I use is Podcasts.

  6. Peter Balfe May 8, 2012

    Why not run a TWIV on eIF4G and eIF2-alpha? there’s a heap of fun to be had there and valuable concepts to be learnt

  7. Thank you Dr Racaniello I have used your class lectures (with Dr Silverstein) to prep for USMLE
    Be blessed man!

  8. Dave_priyank89 Aug 3, 2012

    great knowledge

  9. Carlos Acosta009 Dec 4, 2012

    I wish I could take your class professor Racaniello

  10. I wonder if Dr. Racaniello offers online courses?

  11. P Yk Chong Jan 23, 2013

    Great website with useful resources than what I have in my university. Looking forward to meet Dr. Racaniello in the future. =) I love virology.

  12. Rob Loch Raineach Aug 26, 2013

    Coursera brought me over. Virology 101 is perfect. Great Pod cast. I am hooked.

  13. Makia Aqeel Sep 20, 2015

    I wish I could be your Mphil or phD student anyhow..

  14. Rowa Assayaghi Jun 17, 2016

    Hello prof
    why there is no HCV vaccine?

  15. Abhinav Purohit May 31, 2019

    I just wanted some suggestions on which books to read as a fresher to virology.
    So any suggestions are welcome.