Anthony writes:

An Abandoned Sailor’s Infirmary in NYC Where Cholera Bacteria Was Discovered

Neva writes:

Hello clever TWIM ers,

A rather urgent detective story that TWIM might be interested in talking about. People in the area must be very spooked.

Neva in Buda

Deadly disease outbreak in Wisconsin baffles public health officials

A common and usually harmless microbe is causing a mysterious cluster of deadly bloodstream infections in Wisconsin.

Dennis writes:

Hi Docs, this cnn article gives some info on a continuing Elizabethkibgiam outbreak.

Rarely seen blood infection outbreak continues; source remains mystery


The rarely seen blood infection Elizabethkingia has been found in a Michigan resident. It has sickened dozens in Wisconsin since November. Read the full story



Suzanne writes:

Guys isn’t gender neutral it’s gender absorptive. It’s used the same way it became standard over the last few hundred years to use he as a general third person singular pronoun (before that they was acceptable). Just because some women are OK with it doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t be annoyed by it. If your students will call a specific, individual woman a guy then I guess I’m wrong and it’s honestly becoming gender neutral. But I never hear anyone doing that.

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