ASV2017 TWiV

Each year we record multiple MicrobeTV podcasts episodes before audiences. Below is a schedule of upcoming live appearances should you wish to attend.

5 June 2018 TWiV at Europic 2018, Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands

9 June 2018 TWiV at ASM Microbe 2018, Atlanta, GA – 1-2:15 PM, Exhibit and Poster Hall, Building B, Halls B2-B5, ASM Booth

10 June 2018 TWiM at ASM Microbe 2018, Atlanta, GA – 10:30-11:45 AM, Exhibit and Poster Hall, Building B, Halls B2-B5, ASM Booth

15 June 2018 TWiV at the Canadian Society for Virology meeting, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

28 June 2018 TWiV at Texas A&M University, details here.

29 June 2018 TWiV #500 at the University of Texas, Austin, 3 PM, NHB 1.720 (poster)

16 July 2018 TWiV at the American Society for Virology meeting, College Park, MD

25 September 2018 TWiV at the dsRNA Virus Symposium, Houffalize, Belgium

More coming in 2018: Stanford University, Tufts Veterinary School, Penn State, University of Zurich, University of Wisconsin-Madison.