Suellen writes:

You read my letter last time on TWIN, and unfortunately you all thought I was being critical of the podcast. I wasn’t! I guess I am cursed the way Vincent is — he is called “grumpy” even when he’s not, and I’m called “critical” when I’m trying to flatter you all!

I wrote because I thought you did an awesome job without Vincent on board. Yes, the sound quality of the conversation with the guest could have been better, but I was interested enough in what he was saying that I was willing to go to my earbuds so I could hear better. And I even said in my email that I understood that things are harder now because of the pandemic, etc. 

And, yes, some of what is said on TWIN goes over my head, but that’s true for all of the TWIX podcasts. Sometimes I listen twice or even three times, if I think it will help, but then there are times when it’s not going to help so I just let it wash over me like an opera score. I like to say that sometimes TWIX is like listening to opera — I know the basic story line, I love the music, but usually I don’t understand every word that’s being said. Doesn’t stop me from going to the opera, and won’t stop me from continuing to listen to the TWIX family of podcasts.

So please don’t think I was being critical, because I wasn’t. I was trying to say that you are all doing a great job, I look forward to every podcast episode, and I am learning a lot.

Suellen in Roswell, GA

where it’s HOT and HUMID and COVID cases are up 40 percent since we ended the lockdown