Peter writes:

Hi guys,

I haven’t looked up the academic literature on this yet, but it seems fungi may both increase agricultural yields and sequester carbon. When I saw “fungi” I immediately thought of Elio.

Are “dark septate endophytes” a species that forms microfilie? 

Many thanks for your efforts.

Pete, Sydney, Australia.

PS. TWIM had dropped off my podfeeds for a year and I hadn’t noticed. The feed changed? Vincient, if you could announce changes on TWIV and other channels when they happen, that would be sweet.

Scott writes:

Dear TWiM hosts,

Thank you for sharing the link to Mycotalks I emailed after Episode 227. On Episode 227 you shared a paper from Floyd Wormley’s group about immunity to cryptococcosis. Floyd Wormley gave a talk about his group’s work at the most recent Mycotalks. Here is a YouTube link to the virtual talk: . This virtual seminar series features 2 speakers/month so it also includes a talk from Neil Gow who gives a talk about signaling across the fungal cell wall. Here is the link for Mycotalks again to access all past and future talks:


Madison, WI