Siân writes:

Dear Nels and Vincent

I am a relatively new listener, and have been going through the TWiEVO back catalogue, and I wanted to get in touch to say thank you for this podcast! I am currently taking a year out of studying before starting my degree in biological sciences in September, and this podcast has really fulfilled my desire for interesting and intellectually stimulating conversation in the meantime! I love learning about current research in the field and it makes me so happy that there is so much going on at the interface between my favourite areas of evolutionary biology and genetics & genomics!

TWiEVO is also a very helpful tool for me in the transition from learning by simply being taught the ‘agreed upon’ science to learning about subjects that are currently under research, and developing my ability to read, understand and be critical of scientific papers.

Any advice for someone about to start their degree in Biological Sciences, who is especially interested in evolution?

Many thanks,


Sent from the East of England where it is currently a lovely 9°C