Mike writes:

Hello, I’m a PhD student in Paul Turner’s lab at Yale an enjoy listening to your podcast. Recently I was listening to one of your older episodes and you were discussing scientific publishing and open access. I was wondering if you’re familiar with and how you feel about the Peer Community in Evolutionary Biology (PCI Evol Bio) concept. I was introduced to this idea at the Evolution conference in August, where I also had the chance to meet Nels after his talk. Basically, the idea is that they can serve as a community-driven peer review process for preprints, which can supplement or replace journal-focused reviews. They have a good schematic on their website: https://evolbiol.peercommunityin.org/about/help_generic

Anyway, I really like the idea and think it has a lot of potential to allow open publishing and possibly a move away from for-profit journals, and was wondering what you thought of it