Jan writes:

Hi Daniel

I am a huge fan of the podcast with Dr Griffin every week! I love Saturdays, I usually listen in the wee hours of the morning when the podcast releases. 

I have a question, rather urgent however. 

I am vaccinated to the hilt for Covid, a total of 5 shots.

I remained Covid free until I tested positive on Dec 16th.  My symptoms were jaw pain, neck pain, and fever, as well as fatigue.  minimal nasal congestion at that time, the fever, and jaw/neck pain were my main symptoms. 

I took Paxlovid for 10 doses, and finished it on Dec 21, with my am dose. 

my symptoms were much better, even resolved for the most part.   I tested on 12/20, weak positive with home test.  on 12/22 and 12/24, I tested negative on a home test.  

I went back to work yesterday, and felt ok, just tired. I woke up today with significant sinus congestion, sore throat and burning in my chest.  I tested positive again, strongly positive, on a home test! 

I am so frustrated, and not sure how I could test positive again??

I am a 63 yr old female, history of HTN and diabetes although I am not on anything for my diabetes, as losing alot of weight a few years ago seemed to get that under good control.  I am healthy, eat mindfully, and I am not really around a lot of people, since I do work from home.  

I guess I have “rebound” covid.  I know, from listening to Dr Griffin, that it is not from the Paxlovid.  I would like to know if there are any associated risks with people who have rebound Covid? 

I have a lot of confidence in Dr Griffin’s take on this dreaded virus, and look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you, 


Mary (and many others) writes:

Saw some discussion on Twitter about this immunological study showing the Covid mRNA booster produces later on a certain kind of antibody response, IgG4.  Over my head what this means, but some saw as a negative for the Covid vaccine (particularly the “anti-vaxxers”).  

Is it possible to explain for the layperson the significance of the production of IgG4 antibodies and how relates to effects of  the mRNA Covid vaccine?

Thanks!  Mary. 

Arlene writes:

I’m 80 years old and am on  Amoxicillin for ten days.  If I got Covid while on the antibiotic, would you recommend stopping the antibiotic?

Jamie writes:

My daughter came home from college with a URI. She had Covid 3 months ago, is vaccinated and boosted (but hasn’t had the bivalent b/c she had Covid). She tested negative on PCR for Covid and negative on rapid flu. Within a day or two, I, her immunocompromised mom (primary immune. deficiency with secondary lymphoma, on rituxan and IVIG) got the same symptoms. Tested negative on day one with PCR, 3 days in a row negative rapids, and just repeated the PCR but won’t have results for two more days. It’s now day 3 since symptoms started. I am assuming this is a garden variety URI, but given time limits on paxlovid and how high risk I am, I wondered if you could comment on the accuracy and timing of these tests. Early in the pandemic, I know some immunocompromised patients repeatedly tested negative on swab but then positive on bronchoscopy. Are tests better now? Worse since they were designed for the original virus? 

Thanks so much. Love your Podcast and use it all the time to guide and care for my patients.