Dominic writes:

Your podcasts have been very helpful.  Once the pandemic is over would it be possible for you to do a monthly podcast to cover the clinical aspects of a chosen infectious disease.  MicrobeTV is fantastic but often it focuses on details that my 80 – 90 work week doesn’t permit. You could bring in hard core research in a manner that is more clinically relevant and have Vincent ask the critical questions that reinforces the scientific nature of the podcast.

Thank You Dr Griffin for bringing material that helps my patients and you Dr Racaniello for creating a hard core research forum that has been sorely needed.

Dominic Roca MD-PhD

Lisa writes:

Dear Dr. Griffin,

I am a pediatric nurse practitioner who lives in southwest Florida. It’s not been the easiest place for those of us who believe in science to ride out this pandemic. A recent weekend visit to NYC was like a refreshing trip to another planet, one in which masks and vaccines were not only encouraged, but required, and where it was easy to stop on a street corner for a COVID test. 

A few days ago, our Governor berated some high school students standing behind him at a press conference for wearing masks. He asked (not in the nicest tone of voice) these students to remove them, saying masks were “ridiculous” and “COVID theatre”. Today I read that our Surgeon General is going to recommend AGAINST COVID vaccines for healthy pediatric patients. I am curious as to your thoughts on these actions by our state leaders. And, yes, that is a flippant question as my guess is you find them as frustratingly ridiculous as I do. 

Thanks for all the work you do!

Lisa Patterson, DNP, APRN, PNP-PC

Erica writes:

Dear Dr Griffin,

I am a medical practitioner in Australia (fully vaccinated and boosted).

I have heard of a few medical colleagues refusing to be vaccinated because of their concern about the mRNA vaccine causing subclinical and ongoing myocardial scarring and leading to increased risk of cardiac morbidity and death.

Are you able to discuss the risk of this complication please?

Kind regards,


Roy writes:

Greetings –

Thank for your clinical updates – they are amazing.

My mother (78 years old) has multiple co-morbidities (from 6-9 depending on how one counts them). I have been very careful with her for the past 2 years (physical distancing, mask, outdoors-ventilation, HEPA filters’ etc). She is fully vaccinated (including all other vaccinations flu, pneumonia etc).

Now people are speaking of normal life. How can I protect her? Should I protect her? What is her risk if she goes back to completely normal socialization (i.e. no mask, no special ventilation, no physical distance)?

Many thanks,