TWiV 862: COVID-19 clinical update #100 with Dr. Daniel Griffin

February 5, 2022

In COVID-19 clinical update #100, Daniel Griffin, from Accra, Ghana, reviews the challenges in evaluating Omicron severity, over 800 deaths in children, Pfizer vaccine EUA application for under 5 year olds, false positives from soft drinks, Novavax vaccine EUA application, childhood experiences and vaccine hesitancy, fourth vaccine dose in Israel, effects of antivirals and monoclonals against Omicron, and multiple factors associated with PASC.

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4 comments on “TWiV 862: COVID-19 clinical update #100 with Dr. Daniel Griffin

  1. JJackson Feb 5, 2022

    Unfortunately there seems to be a problem at the moment. The audio is not playing and the download link is to #859. There is no video but that may just be because Daniel is in Ghana. I am sure Vincent will sort it out once he is aware of the problem.

  2. Stephen Ditmore Feb 5, 2022

    Regarding whether Daniel & Vincent should take a week off from doing clinical briefings, I say yes, so Daniel can debut his new show, TWiID (pron: tweed); This Week in Infectious Disease with co-host Laurel Bristow from Atlanta:
    , perhaps doing a joint podcast from time-to-time with Let’s Talk About Health in Africa. Peter Hotez can co-host with Laurel once Daniel has REALLY earned a vacation. 😉

  3. DrNick Feb 5, 2022

    First of all, thank you so much for your incredible work. I would ask that you continue the current weekly program as the pandemic remains in a critical juncture and I expect we are going to see a lot more data come out on Omicron in the coming weeks! In particular, I would love to see more data on the efficacy of early rapid antigen tests (and even PCR) on detection of Omicron as it seems obvious COVID cases are testing negative.

    Thanks again for this incredible work! I look forward to it weekly!