TWiV 856: COVID-19 clinical update #98 with Dr. Daniel Griffin

January 22, 2022

In COVID-19 clinical update #98, Daniel Griffin reviews COVID-19 in South Africa, recognition of Omicron by ancestral T cells, booster effectiveness against disease, infection and vaccination in pregnant women, early Remdesivir to prevent progression to severe disease, management of hospitalized adults, Tocilizumab in hospitalized patients, vaccination and long COVID, and the true toll of the pandemic.

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5 comments on “TWiV 856: COVID-19 clinical update #98 with Dr. Daniel Griffin

  1. Dear Twivers,
    I have learned so much from your conversations.
    Now I need your help for a family member who is suffering from Long Covid which she got months ago ( she works in health care).
    She writes: I’m being followed by what feels like every specialist under the sun, trying to figure out what’s wrong with me. This past Thursday I got a 2 hour iron infusion and a B12 shot as a bandaid to the problem, but my body is no longer absorbing a lot of nutrients that I need – like albumin, iron, B12, Hemoglobin – even though I’m eating so many foods that are high in these nutrients. This is affecting my red blood cell supply, which might be why I have trouble breathing, but there may be other causes also. And my histamine levels are way too high as well, so I have mast cell activation. That’s the very abbreviated version of what’s going on [3:42 PM, 1/16/2022 But all of them agree that what I am experiencing was triggered by covid

  2. Variant Name Game Jan 22, 2022

    Lets rename the next variant something even dumber than ohmycorn, perhaps the Coronavirus “Furfrou” strain… Start renaming variants after pokemon!

  3. Bernadette Jan 23, 2022

    Should we allow ourselves to contract Covid 19 soon while the effects of our booster vaccination have not waned if everyone is going to be exposed to Omicron anyway?

  4. Madeleine Jan 23, 2022

    Your new episodes are not showing up at iTunes podcast for me since Jan 16.

  5. Mike Brown Jan 25, 2022

    Dr Griffin and TWIV Team – thank you for this podcast and the work you do in your day job.

    Regarding the MMWR report “Cases and hospitalization by vaccination status,” am I correct they looked at CA hospital populations by vaccination and covid test status? In terms of understanding vaccine efficacy, shouldn’t they have limited the search to people who were hospitalized because of Covid? Or better tried to characterize disease severity?

    2nd question – as time goes by, and a larger and larger percentage of the unvaccinated population are Covid survivors, won’t that seemingly reduce vaccine efficacy in newer studies? (not because vaccinated folks are having worse outcomes, but rather that unvaccinated ones are doing better)

    Thanks, Mike