TWiV 816: Long COVID and ME/CFS with David Tuller

October 15, 2021

David Tuller returns to TWiV to revisit his work to expose the methodological and ethical problems with the PACE trial, and the post-acute sequelae to SARS-CoV-2 infection, also known as long COVID.

Host: Vincent Racaniello

Guest: David Tuller

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2 comments on “TWiV 816: Long COVID and ME/CFS with David Tuller

  1. Martha Oct 16, 2021

    Dear Vincent,

    incredible! You have read my mind and acted on my wish, before I could even voice it in an e-mail. Only last week I have listened to the previous two episodes with David and was bursting to know of the latest progress/drama. Alas, the epidemic has supped up all attention, and two years swept by in a rush.

    Thanks for this very timely surprise (at least for me).

    Gruezi from Zurich, where the sun is shining brightly from a clear, blue sky onto the first red and yellow autumn leaves.

  2. Many thanks, from the rehab view point, it seems to be a case of keep on keeping on and looking for emerging evidence. Patients want cut and dried answers….now. Some may be reassured to know that the issue is now on the radar. The difference between now and the 1980s (when ME/CFS) was an issue, is that patients do their own internet research and some find it difficult to differentiate between anecdote and evidence.