Dee writes:

You’ve spoken of double blind random trials, showing ineffectiveness of Ivermectin and also its worsening outcomes.  But Lancet also posted trials of Ivermectin’s  efficiency (taken early after a Cov2 pos test).

I know of family members obtaining a Ivermectin script via an online physician; either just in case or to have on hand “ready”. These same members would rather not be vaccinated until EUA is past and official approval is given.  Although vaccine hesitant to begin with I am seeing family and friends go this route because of big corporations and individuals  I think it’s for every one article for, another is against. 

Please speak again to 1) what is happening here 2) what is our part 3) we’re planning a family gathering; some will not be there if everyone isn’t vaccinated. They are protecting a child for which no vaccine is present yet. 4) Keep giving the truth to us. 


Having conversations but many are treating it as a non thing…and they aren’t connecting that what I do affects everyone. D

George writes:

My four year old son had a surgically repaired VSD and ASD at six months old. His annual check ups have shown normal heart function since then. As you know he isn’t eligible for a vaccine yet, but as we get closer to an approval for his age group I wanted to ask whether the recent myocarditis risk would you give you pause if he were eligible today. It’s frequently mentioned that those who show symptoms of myocarditis or pericarditis post vaccine respond well to treatment but it seems to go unsaid of what that treatment entails and how that applies to those who have or had congenital heart defects. As you know, they have a lifelong higher level risk of endocarditis. I’m leaning towards vaccination but wanted to understand the risks better especially at this age group. 

Thank you!

James writes:

Dear Dr. Griffin,

I am so grateful for your podcasts.  To the point, the 20-something year-old son of one of my co-workers tested positive today for COVID19.

He reported symptoms yesterday.  Should he be given mAB therapy, or is such therapy reserved for “higher risk” patients?

Thanks again for all you and the rest of the TWIV team do,

James F. Nelson, Ph.D.
Biology of Aging Discipline, IBMS Graduate Program
Department of Cellular and Integrative Physiology
Barshop Institute for Longevity and Aging Studies

Martin writes:

Hi Daniel

Greetings from the UK (and Thanks for all that you Vincent and Colleagues are doing).

I’m seeking facts, or merely off-the-record ‘opinion’, as to whether Pfizer (or other Vaccinated) Asthma Patients – with occasional recourse to Prednisolone – run the risk of negating the benefits of Vaccine Effectiveness (or of ‘significantly reducing Immunity’) by medicating with ‘low-dose’ Prednisolone – say, Daily 5mg to 10mg, for a week or two? I’m assuming more typical ‘Rescue Dosage’ of Prednisolone (e.g. 40mg Daily) would certainly be best avoided as far as Covid Exposure is concerned, unless the ‘degree of exacerbation’ represented its own major health risk.

Are you aware of any research on this topic? Could you venture a ‘generalised’ opinion? What are the Respiratory Team in your Hospital advising such Asthma Patients to do about Oral Steroid Use during these Covid-19 Times?  (Also, is there a similar Vaccine-Negating, or Immunity-Lowering,  Risk, for ‘Inhaler Usage’, where Maximum Licensed Daily Inhaled Steroids have been prescribed?)

Thanks, Regards & Best Wishes