Pete writes:


I have just sent some money to a friend in India for oxygen – 500USD for a cylinder and 200USD for a fill, that would probably help 2 people.

I’m thinking mAb’s would be a much better option. Any idea how much a treatment might cost and how to get them there?

Thanks to you and Vincent and all twixers…

Pete, Sydney Australia

David writes:

Hi Daniel:

Universities are starting to implement vaccine mandates for their students. Since a lot of students come from overseas, the question keeps coming up: what do we do about students vaccinated with non FDA approved vaccines (AstraZeneca, Sinovac, Sputnik, Covaxin, etc). Revaccinate them? Seems kind of extreme given the existing manufacturing shortages. Accept non-FDA approved vaccines in the context of a mandate? Or just some of the vaccines? Is there some formal guidance for this sort of thing? Obviously there has to be a line drawn somewhere, but I’m not sure who draws this line?



Tiffaney writes:

Daniel and TWIV,

First, thanks for everything you have done during this tough time. 

I have a coworker who has gout. She has had a terrible flareup about a week after getting her first vaccination. Is there any chance these events are connected? Her doctor told her they probably are, but it seems weird to me. She found this article on Podiatry Today connecting gout attacks to vaccinations. I was just wondering what you think. I don’t want any more reasons for people not to get vaccinated if they aren’t based on fact.


Gresham, Oregon 

Lindsay writes:

Dear Dr. Griffin,

Is there any evidence that people with a previous history of autoimmune platelet disorders like immune or thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura are at increased risk of CVST from an adenovirus vectored SARS-CoV2 vaccines? Or if given one of those vaccines, should someone with such a history be monitored for signs of CVST more closely than someone who didn’t? 



Haley writes:

Hi Dr. Griffin! 

I’m a long time listener of your podcast, and really appreciate the work that you guys do to inform the public about all things covid. I have a question about post-vaccine long term effects that I’m hoping you guys could help me understand. 

I was so excited when I was given the opportunity to get the vaccine as a healthy young adult, because I’ve been so cautious during the entire pandemic. I couldn’t wait to get it to be able to safely see my parents again. I got both doses of Pfizer (dose 1 March 23rd, and dose 2 April 13). After each dose, I experienced all of the usual side effects, but they lasted for about 2 weeks. After dose 1, I got a migraine that lasted almost 10 days, and I was so fatigued that I couldn’t get off my couch. Symptoms improved for the most part before dose 2, but I’m still dealing with almost daily headaches and muscle/ joint pain in my legs. I haven’t been able to exercise or live daily life due to this pain, and doctors don’t know what to do. I’m all for vaccination, but as a 26 year old woman, I regret getting the vaccine. I feel it’s done more harm to my body than good. I fear that with the reports coming out that the spike protein in the virus is what is believed to be causing “long covid” and I’m wondering if it’s possible that the spike protein coded in the mRNA vaccines could cause the same? 

I can’t find anything from the vaccine trial data that states the duration of typical symptoms from vaccination. I understand that what’s happening is most likely my immune system reacting to this vaccine, but I’m concerned that It’s still reacting 3 weeks after my 2nd dose. Can you please help me understand what’s happening here. Doctors don’t really know since it’s such a new vaccine.

Please help!