TWiV 724: COVID-19 clinical update #51 with Dr. Daniel Griffin

February 27, 2021

In COVID-19 clinical update #51, Daniel Griffin reviews use of two masks, effectiveness of testing in nursing homes, updates on vaccines, use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, little effect of vitamin D and remdesivir in clinical studies, and a long COVID research initiative from NIH.

Hosts: Daniel Griffin and Vincent Racaniello

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2 comments on “TWiV 724: COVID-19 clinical update #51 with Dr. Daniel Griffin

  1. Tim Escher Feb 27, 2021

    Good episode, but disappointed in Dr. Griffin’s answers in a couple cases.

    Regarding ibuprofen before vaccination, his answer was “you don’t need it”. That wasn’t the question, which was if I am already taking it, should I stop temporarily to avoid a dampening of the response? That’s important! Our state public health doc says don’t take it, it might affect things

    The second had to do with the Vit D study. He did kind of emphasize that it was only for hospitalized patients, but he did not ever mention that it presented no evidence regarding prophylactic use. Should people stop taking it? A surface interpretation of his review could be inferred that way by some people.

    As always, clarity is extremely important, and Dr. Griffin is usually a model in this regard. In these two cases I think he fell short.

    As always, thanks for all you do!

  2. Dr Ian Feb 27, 2021

    How much protection is there from longer face shield to the chin like the Uvex Bionic as advocated by Dr Michael Edmond from Iowa ?
    This could help the bearded people who will wear masks and with face shield to the chin
    be less risk to others and themselves .