Joy writes:

I have to say your segments are among my favorite part of TWiV. 

If my body’s antibody response is mostly inflammatory, what would happen with a vaccine or monoclonals? I am a long hauler at 9 months. No relief or treatment sight. 😢

Ii also worry about taking a flu vaccine since I have always had bad reactions, so I stopped taking them, Love the pneumococcal vaccine, never had issues and I stopped getting pneumonia every year since I started taking it decades ago. I had pneumonia every year of my life since I was 8 and only had it once in 1993 because I let it lapse. I am 63.

I also have concerns about the H1N1 Vaccine since I have parrots and wonder if there is any possibility of shedding virus to them. Sorry if these seem like dumb questions, but I worry because my immune system seems to be compromised after having Long Coviid for 9 months. Infected in January, recovered in March and reinfected in May.

I belong to many COVIID groups and concerns are the same as many Long Haulers. Please shed some light.

Dennis writes:

Hello Dr. Daniel

I live, and work as a Park Service Aide in Miami, FL.

Since late February 2020 I’ve been dealing with the hot skin sensation known as fizzing, along with these funny red spots that come and go on my forearms (vesicular eruptions).

Since February the first three months were low grade fever around 99.7 mostly daytime only with some GI issues after meals, but that is mostly gone. Happy for that.

A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, and cardiovascular decease – pre-existing conditions as they say. My GP doctor has that managed though…. I think (?)

Wondered what your thoughts are on long term neurological symptoms?

Are there any online resources for me to check out regarding long covid?

Regards, Dennis

Chaim writes:

Hi Dr. Griffin,

My kid’s school is doing almost everything right – the kids are always 6 ft apart; mask wearing is enforced except for snack and lunch time, when the kids are not allowed to get up from their seats; and they’re paying attention to ventilation and upgraded their air filters. Unfortunately, there’s no testing, as in addition to practical issues they seem to be worried about “moral hazard.”

Nonetheless, new cases are spiking here in DC, and we are now cresting the records set at the peak of the first wave in early May. The mayor has tightened some restrictions, but indoor dining is still permitted, so I expect that things will continue to get worse. Is there a point at which we should be pulling our son out of school? Obviously, I don’t expect you to give me an exact threshold for this, but conceptually does it make sense that at some point the background might get high enough to overwhelm the in-school precautions? Or are the safety measures enough that we don’t have to worry about community spread outside the school?

Thanks for everything,


Paul writes:

Greetings from a cold 5 deg C 41 deg F clear, dry and sunny day from rainy old Manchester UK

Saw this on the BBC about lung damage and would really love to hear Dr. Daniel Griffin’s thoughts on it.

Goodbye and good riddance to Scott Atlas !

Cheers Paul Johnston

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