TWiV 663: The joy of vax

September 13, 2020

Daniel Griffin provides a clinical report on COVID-19, including vaccines, Alan summarizes a vaccine webinar on the most advanced US trials, a nidovirus from snapping turtles, longevity of memory B cells in recovered patients, and listener email.

The British people can face any misfortune with fortitude & buoyancy as long as they are convinced that those in charge of their affairs are not deceiving them, or are not dwelling in a fool’s paradise.
— Winston Churchill

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Dickson Despommier, Alan Dove, Rich Condit, and Brianne Barker

Guest: Daniel Griffin

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11 comments on “TWiV 663: The joy of vax

  1. Richard Cornell Sep 13, 2020

    I wonder how many people’s judgement are judge by their religion instead by real science. I know a guy who is very religious who even with science can twist what is know to fit his beliefs. But he wears a mask in spite of his narrow view of this virus.
    When Trump who said that this virus is just another flu and no one needs to worry in spite him knowing how deadly a unknown virus can do in human damage. His religious views got in the way. He hope that it would go away soon or by fall or by the end of the year or by next year.
    How many churches will hold services with people close together whereas others will assembly only on line..
    The DoD has said that a vaccine will be available by the end of 2021.

    • i liked your old podcasts Sep 25, 2020

      he has had intel on this made in china chimera for nearly a year now.
      turns out it’s no worse than you average run of the mill flu.
      just face it…

  2. Kentucky Fried Acrylamide Addict Sep 14, 2020

    So digging up frozen 1918 obese corpses way back in 1997, then reverse engineering ’18 from lung specimens, all within a sequence fitting timeline for a botched Sars 03 “warp speed”. Suddenly a common cold coding proteins that behave more like an attenuated superantigen kind of like a weakened 1918, or SEB inhalation (which makes even less sense than the former).
    I guess I’ll have to go back to believing the narrative handed down from above.. But at least I’m not the only one kind of suspicious:
    “An insertion unique to SARS-CoV-2 exhibits superantigenic character strengthened by recent mutations”

  3. Kentucky Fried Acrylamide Addict Sep 14, 2020

    Too bad for “mice” and “ferrets” can’t opt out of “enrollment” in the Warp Speed “health” program.

    “Immunization with SARS Coronavirus Vaccines Leads to Pulmonary Immunopathology on Challenge with the SARS Virus”

  4. Listening from Kansas Sep 15, 2020

    Dear TWIV,

    I love listening to your podcast, but I really hate hearing how Vincent talks to Dixon. It pains me to hear anyone speak harshly to another person. I like to hear everyone’s input. It’s fine to disagree, but TONE is everything. There is simply no reason to use a tone of disrespect with your colleagues. 🙁

  5. Cheryl McDonald Sep 16, 2020

    Most revered and respected TWIVers:

    Once again, you have both informed and entertained me. I cannot imagine what mental state I would be in if you all were not here, generously giving of your time and knowledge. I continue to sing your praises (and share your link) far and wide, and look forward to each weeks episode.

    Thank you. You are all a gift.

  6. David H Sep 16, 2020

    Hi, TWIV addict here. (computer scientist)

    What is the preferred pronoun ™ for SARS-Covid-2? I figure “it” is appropriate because sex is at least a prokaryotic invention, perfected (if I may say so) by us eukaryotes.

    Just wondering what pronouns pros use 🙂

  7. justin Sep 16, 2020

    You should probably have the links for those who want to volunteer for clinical trials of a vaccine posted somewhere such as Daniel mentioned