Islam writes:

I love TWiV. Thanks to you Vincent and to all members of the TWiV team. This is the best educational experience ever. I have reached a stage of TWiV addiction, where a paper is not a paper until I hear it discussed on TWiV, and I would love to hear every single new virology-related finding discussed by you guys because I learn a lot.

For those who want a shorter version of TWiV, I am listening to the Arc episode for the second time in the same day!

Islam Hussein


Richard Schoenbaum, DDS writes:

Horsepox Research Accentuates Urgency for Global Action to Reduce Biological Risks

Andrew writes:

Dear TWiV team,

Given the popularity of TWiV, I suspect that you must get endless emails each week from people asking you to discuss their latest paper, therefore I won’t burden you with another such request. However, a small, non-paper, nugget that might be of interest is a web server that we made to easily search the data in our latest publication. We generated the complete interferomes (the repertoire of genes up or downregulated in response to IFN) for ten different species and compared the species. Like other ‘big data’ studies this produces a mountain of data that is sometimes difficult to fully grasp. Instead, the web server allows anybody to simply search for any gene, or filter based upon certain criteria, then download the results. The web server can be found at and below is a screenshot.

Kind regards

Andrew Shaw

Neva writes:

In the London Review of Books, a review by Gavin Francis of

Pale Rider: The Spanish Flu of 1918 and How It Changed the World by Laura Spinney

Both my maternal grandparents died in the 1918 flu epidemic orphaning my mother, her sister and brother who were parceled out to different aunts to be raised. This enormous epidemic affected populations, nations, families, and individuals on a global scale. I put this book on my reading pile.

Neva from Buda