Caitlin writes:

Dear Evil TWiNs (sorry, I had to take that before someone else did),

First time listener, long time writer here (depending on whether you count other TWicasts).  I squealed with joy when I saw the announcement of this podcast! Eagerly awaiting the next one.

I have long had wistful dreams of Vincent and one of his dream teams laying the unholy smackdown on gender essentialist nonsense which uses neuroscience as a fig leaf. In fact, that is one of my coping strategies whenever I see garbage science articles – I calm down by imagining them getting shredded on TWiX. Is there any chance of my dream coming true in the future of TWiN?

If it does not, I will continue to write in with progressively worse puns until you comply. (Just kidding, it’s your show).

Caitlin, in Seattle 

Yukie writes:

Hello, everyone!

I am a big fan of “Immune” and Prof. Racaniello’s virology lectures. Now, I am so excited because “Twin” was started. I am very interested in learning the brain since my mom is with Parkinson’s disease. Looking forward to the next episode already. By the way, I love the “Twin” logo, the brain wearing a headphone. Any plan to provide “Twin” products also on the online store?