Stanley Maloy writes:

Every episode of TWIM is great, and I really enjoyed your Ten Years show as well. Thanks so much for everything the TWIM team does to make the show fun and exciting. AND particularly your insights to bring the TWI* series to the world!!! —> Stanley

Holly writes:

Good morning, My name is Holly. I am a Microbiology student at Skyline College in California. I listened to your podcast on Microbiology papers for First year students this morning and really enjoyed it! Thank you for this. 

I am planning for a career in Nursing, but microbiology

Is slowly changing my interest into the biology field. I’m feeling my excitement rise when I look under the microscope and discover and learn more about microbes. Fascinating! 

I was wondering if we as students have access to the papers you talked about in the podcast? Particularly, I am really interested in the one on biofilms. I saw the links at the bottom of the page for this episode. Are these the actual papers, or is there more?

Thank you again,


Ciro writes:

THANK you. The mentorship bias. Women are often “back seated” and it’s so wrong. Brings awareness. 

Best Regards


Jackie writes:


I’m currently taking a microbiology class and I listened to the podcast episode: Microbiology papers for first year students. The topic of phage therapy came up and I was just wondering, Do you think phage therapy would be used more than antibiotics in the future? What problems do you see happening if it is more commonly used?

Thank you,