Joel writes:


Thanks for your podcast – I often listen with great interest.  In the recent episode about lag phase, I think there may have been a small (~11 orders of magnitude) error that I wanted to point out.  Using a simple calculation of Avagadro’s number, assuming 10 mM ATP and a volume of 1 fL (1 um3), there are ~10e7 molecules of ATP per cell.  The 10e18 was actually listed incorrectly, as the authors in the primary publication said 10e18 molecules per mL culture.  

Everyone on the show does great work, and I appreciate your efforts.

Best wishes,


Jaber writes:

Hello TWiM team

I am a big fan of your podcast and enjoy your discussions. You are doing a great job in presenting the top journal papers in the world of microbiology. 

I believe that your amazing collection in TWiM lacks a discussion about Deinococcus, “the world’s toughest bacterium”.

Hence, I wanted to suggest you discuss this interesting paper in your next TWiM podcast. 

“DNA Damage and Survival Time Course of Deinococcal Cell Pellets During 3 Years of Exposure to Outer Space”

Thank you so much.


Doctoral Candidate

International Centre for Terrestrial Antarctic Research

University of Wikato, Hamilton, New Zealand