Brian writes:

Dear Vincent and the rest of the TWiX crew,

Thank you so much for the TWiX podcasts. Although I’m a science dilettante, you make the materials clear enough that I can understand much of the discussions.

I recently discovered the podcasts via a typical 21st century route.  I was taking a wonderful lifelong learning class I Contain Multitudes – Bacteria on and Around Us, which had inspired me to google various topics.  One of those led to “Small Things Considered”, where I saw a reference from Elio to one of your podcasts.

I listened to that TWiM podcast and was hooked.

As I was listening to a TWiM podcast, you mentioned a “TWiV”.  (I actually went back in the podcast to make sure I hadn’t misheard a TWiM reference.)  I happily added TWiV to my podcast app and started listening to those too. Then you made a reference to parasites and a TWiP episode.  Well – who doesn’t love learning more about parasites? – so I knew I had to subscribe to that too. This time, I figured there might be more hidden podcast wealth out there, did some online searching and found the full show listing.  My podcast app show list is much larger now …

I’ll end with the apparently obligatory weather observation: It’s mid-June and Ann Arbor Michigan is delightfully sunny and warm.

thanks – Brian

George writes:

Hello All,  I’m currently working my way though your back-catalogue having only recently stumbled across your podcast and realised that I’ll have absolutely no chance of winning any books this way. So, I try to listen to them as released and supplement with older episodes that take my fancy.

I’m hoping to qualify as a Clinical Scientist in infection sciences (a protected title in the UK for scientists working in pathology for the NHS) in the coming months (assuming I pass my final practical assessments) and this book would be incredibly useful for my future career ambitions, as my background is in applied microbiology but has shifted to clinical microbiology.

Keep up the excellent work and thank you for your efforts.

Dr Ryan George

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

Teresa writes:

Dear TwiM hosts,

My name is Teresa De la Mora and I’m a biology faculty at Normandale Community College in Twin Cities, MN. I stumbled upon your podcasts while reading other ASM sources and I want to thank you for your wonderful work in putting this show together. It has helped me a lot in obtaining material for my microbiology class for health science majors. I was wondering if I could ask for your expertise in recommending a good CRISPR review? I’m starting to prepare for my fall class and I’ll like to be able to explain this system to my students.

Thank you for your kind information and for all your work on this show. I haven’t stopped listening during my commute, even my photographer husband got into the show!


Teresa De la Mora, Ph. D.

Faculty – Biology Department

Normandale Community College