Blake writes:

Hello All,

I’ve been listening to TWIM for about 6 months and I am hooked! I love how you guys challenge each other and discuss some issues you don’t understand and slowly make sense out of it. I hope to hear more of these podcasts to come. Also you mentioned Ophidiomyces ophiodiicola the causative agent of snake fungal disease. As a former graduate student I worked with this organism and now currently working on a manuscript of the research I did. If you guys have some time you should really take a look at two scientist that are teaming up to tackle this disease, Chris Cornelison, and Matt Allender. Dr. Cornelison is also working with white nose syndrome and using a bacteria to treat bats with this disease. I posted the links below.

The weather in Atlanta Georgia has been nasty. It’s been raining for several days I am sure Michael feels my pain.



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