TWiEVO 74: On racism, not race with Joe Graves

February 3, 2022

Joe Graves joins Nels and Vincent to discuss his career in evolutionary biology and his recent book that answers questions about race and racism.

Hosts: Nels Elde and Vincent Racaniello

Guest: Joe Graves

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Nels Where is Webb?
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JoeBiology versus bias

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3 comments on “TWiEVO 74: On racism, not race with Joe Graves

  1. Wonderful episode and I look forward to more invited Black speakers on TWiEVO and TWiM and the rest of the “This Week In” Series!

  2. Ignore this troll that was afraid to post with their name! The descriptions “true African” and “real African” show that they have a lot to learn….
    A Rwandese-Congolese listener ­čÖé

  3. whiskey tango Feb 11, 2022

    Joe Graves appearance on twievo was both right-on/right-on-time and long overdue.

    The narrative he gave was so erudite and matter-of-fact that it almost rendered “structrual racism” (what amiri baraka termed national oppression) a bloodless matter of bureaucracy.
    I comment to underscore the need to take every mention of “really bad discrimination,” “unfair treatment” and “nearly starving” to all be literal matters of blood, sweat, tears and anguish. Those wrongful deeds, whether perpetrated/perpetuated by individuals and/or systems all harmed, hurt, exacted their invidious tolls.

    That Graves continues to overcome and undermine racism and oppression for the good of all humanity is not to be commended or admired absent joining in, throwing in, to bend the arc of history, humanity, evolution, if you will, toward tangible improvements, not just idle hopefulness.

    Structural racism/oppression surrounds every field of endeavor, “science” being no exception.

    TWIEVO was not the place for Don’t-Look-Up-esque fire and ire. But that should never permit us to ignore or dismiss the fire and ire required to resist/survive systemic and individualized exploitation and oppression.

    That’s my fire and ire, that keeps my hopes alive.