Tom writes:


As one of those hooked on the TWIx podcasts (and a Patron), I have enjoyed every one of your shows, listening to you, Vincent and occasional guests explore the fascinating processes and products of evolution.

As a science fan, not a scientist, occasionally … OK, often… I get lost in the specialized terminology, but I usually understand  the general discussion of the interactions between the elements.

My mental interpreter works kinda like closed captioning… a simultaneous line of thought summarizing what I’m hearing.

In Episode 20, this habit unexpectedly kicked in when you were talking about the intricate dance of unrelated organisms negotiating a close relationship.

You noted that when two different genomes get together:

– initially, both side experience increased stress;

– there is a continuous gradation of resulting relationships, from A is a parasite, through A and B have balanced symbiosis, to B is a parasite;

– the relationship can change over time;

– the relationship may last long time, or may end with one rejecting or killing the other.

My “closed captioning” channel said, “He’s describing marriage.”

Play back that segment of the podcast and see if you don’t agree.


– Tom in Austin

Colm writes:

Hi, in response to Aleksandra’s letter on TWIEVO 20, she may be interested in the people from a meeting I was at last week, Keystone Neuroinflammation. I’ve included a link to the meeting program website, but if she wants to see the list of poster titles or attendees after that please tell her to email me.


Colm Atkins, Ph.D.

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Freiberg Lab

Department of Pathology

University of Texas Medical Branch

John writes:

Hi TWiEVO team,

Just a quick correction. Nick Lane wrote the Vital Question, not Mark Lane. The podcast summary text (downloaded by podcast apps) has Mark Lane and the website has Mark Lane.


John  in Limerick

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