David writes:

Hello Immune,

I am working back on the episodes and just listened to Episode 22.  I was wondering if there was a fathers version of the book on Motherhood in the lab? 

I am getting married soon and I plan to go to graduate school. We like to have children soon and I wonder how new fathers do in their first years of a PhD program?



Alexandra writes:

Hello Immune Team,

I am a first year MSTP student at UCSD and an enthusiastic listener of the Immune podcasts! I listened to your Immune 22: Engineering B cells episode. What was the phase I clinical trial that was briefly mentioned at the beginning of the podcast? I think it was based off of some of David Baltimore’s work. I am always curious to track the translation of these types of therapies into the clinic and would love some more information on it. 

Thank you!



Ryan writes:

Have you seen this article on Wakefield?




This is while we have the Measles scares in various parts of the USA and Wakefield staff members are setting up campaign offices all over the USA to scare politicians in other states and Washington D.C. to not use California’s SB276 and SB277 vaccine laws in the 2020 elections. 

Wakefield just got called out for living a luxurious lifestyle.