Ryan writes:


It is promising but we have to wait and see on how the FDA responds to the results of the proposed HIV Vaccine study.

Scott writes:

My wife has been treated for Non Hodgkins Lymphoma for the past 3 or 4 years.  

She did outpatient treatment first ….   achieved short term remission.  

Then they did Stem Cell Transplant and that worked ” for a while ”  

Recently she was selected to participate in a Car-T study. 

She is again in Remission….  7 months so far. 

I very much appreciate your ability to make this very complex topic slightly more understandable by the layman.

Again … Many Thanks.

Dhiraj writes:

Hi Cindy, Steph, and Vincent!

I was listening to immune 17 on CpG stimulating macrophage metabolism to potentiate anti-tumor activity a couple days ago on my commute home from work and I immediately thought of this episode when I came across this paper when I was perusing PubMed for new immunology studies. Here’s the title: Programmable bacteria induce durable tumor regression and systemic antitumor immunity. The paper is so cool – they programmed nonpathogenic E. coli to lyse in the tumor microenvironment and deliver an anti-CD47 single domain antibody (nanobody) against tumors that express CD47. They ended up seeing evidence of increased tumor infiltrating T cells, higher numbers of Class II-expressing macrophages, tumor regression, and reduced incidence of metastasis in multiple syngeneic mouse models. I thought this added a nice adaptive immunity layer to the paper discussed in immune 17 and it seemed like something that might be interesting for you all and other listeners! The paper was published in Nature Medicine on July 3rd 2019 by a group at Columbia and the authors are Sreyan Chowdhury, Samuel Castro, Courtney Coker, Taylor E. Hinchliffe, Nicholas Arpaia and Tal Danino. 

Hope you all find this to be as cool as I did!


Dhiraj (Der-ahj) Nallapothula 

UCLA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics Class of 2019

Renee writes:


An educational youtuber called Kurzgesagt, you probably know of him, released a video about the complement system. You all should check it out.

I’m a 25 year old female, graduated from university of puget sound with a degree in chemistry and math. I’m currently a research assistant in Seattle, working at the Infectious Disease Research Institute. My group works on screening unknown research compounds for potential treatment against tuberculosis. I hope to go to grad school eventually for microbiology or something involving both micro and chemistry. I listen to all your podcasts and appreciate all the work you do. 

Thank you,