TWiV 364: It’s not SARS 2.0

November 22, 2015

horseshoe batsHosts: Vincent RacanielloRich Condit, and Kathy Spindler

Guests: Ralph Baric and Vineet Menachery

Vincent, Rich, and Kathy speak with Ralph and Vineet about their research on the potential of SARS-like bat coronaviruses  to infect human cells and cause disease in mice.

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This episode is sponsored by Mt. Sinai Department of Microbiology (2:10), ASM Education (33:25), and the 32nd Clinical Virology Symposium (1:51:30)

Timestamps by Jennifer. Thanks!

Weekly Science Picks 1:53:00

Kathy – California Dept of Public Health
Rich – Leafy greens on space station
Vincent – Mechanical keyboards and TWiV on Perfect your podcast

Listener Picks

Jesse – Networking for Nerds by Alaina G. Levine
Russell – Worldmapper

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3 comments on “TWiV 364: It’s not SARS 2.0

  1. Andrea Onenc Nov 22, 2015

    Prof VRR- You mentioned you are going to UNC Chapel Hill.
    When is that? Seems like you had a number of professors on TWIV from UNC lately- first Dr. Blossom Damania and now Dr. Ralph Baric from UNC. Any more planned for the future?

    • Dr. Damania is arranging a visit to UNC Chapel Hill next semester. I’ll do a TWiV there with even more virologists! No date set yet.

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