TWiP 4: Trichinella life cycle

January 30, 2010

lifecycleHosts: Vincent Racaniello and Dickson Despommier

Vincent and Dickson trace the life cycle of Trichinella spiralis in an infected host.

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Links for this episode:

  • Trichinella life cycle (jpg)
  • Newborn larva entering muscle cell (jpg)
  • Adult T. spiralis in columnar epithelial cell (jpg)
  • Adult female T. spiralis (jpg)
  • Infective first stage T. spiralis larva in Nurse cell in muscle tissue (jpg)
  • Adult female T. spiralis with fully formed larvae in uterus (jpg)
  • Adult male T. spiralis with claspers on tail (jpg)
  • Clinical correlations in trichinosis (jpg)
  • Letters read on TWiP #4

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