BacterioFiles 362: Combining Chromosomes

November 19, 2018

This episode: Combining all 16 of yeast’s chromosomes into one or two only impairs their growth slightly in the lab, but it prevents them from successful mating with wild yeasts!

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Show notes:
Microbe of the episode: Vibrio succinogenes

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Journal Papers:
Luo J, Sun X, Cormack BP, Boeke JD. 2018. Karyotype engineering by chromosome fusion leads to reproductive isolation in yeast. Nature 560:392–396.
Shao Y, Lu N, Wu Z, Cai C, Wang S, Zhang L-L, Zhou F, Xiao S, Liu L, Zeng X, Zheng H, Yang C, Zhao Z, Zhao G, Zhou J-Q, Xue X, Qin Z. 2018. Creating a functional single-chromosome yeast. Nature 560:331–335.

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